Important Aspects to Remember About Site Flipping

The Internet has come up with various ways and means in which one can make money online. Some are easy while others are a bit difficult. One of the most important and easiest ways to make money via the Internet is site flipping. Site flipping basically means a person books a certain domain name and either creates a website, or sells only the domain name to someone who requires the name.

Here are some important tips to remember, so that one can make the most amount of money from site flipping:

Age the Domain Name:

The age of the domain name is quite an important aspect of the site itself, as more the age the greater the increase in value of the site. To get the best returns on your investment, you should wait for at least a year or two, before you plan to put the domain name up for sale. There are several websites that can offer you an idea of how much your site is worth. Of course, the value that these websites portray are not hard and fast, but they will at least give you a general ball park area figure of what your website is worth. How much money you make out of site flipping depends on the age of the domain name.

Websites Get More than Domain Names:

Unless and until you have a really valuable domain name, you will not make as much money selling it as you might make by selling a fully fledged website. Also, if you add features, services and content to the website, you will begin monetizing the website, which will give you a better idea of how much your site is actually worth. Mostly a website’s worth is calculated as 24 times the monthly earnings.

Adding content, features and services to your website is not a difficult task. Today, with simpler CMS like WordPress, any who can use a word processor can manage a small website without any hassles or problems. This is very important because it adds to the value of your site. The amount of money that you get from site flipping also depends on the value that the website offers to the users.

Google Page Rank is Important for a Website:

If you are not sure when to sell your website, the Google PageRank can work as a very good indicator. Google PageRank is a service that calculates the value of a website to the Internet, and it is therefore a very good way to decide the worth of a website in the real world. Wait until your website achieves a PageRank of 5 or 6. The more the PageRank, the more the value of your website.

These are the three important tips that one should keep in mind while deciding to sell their websites. Selling websites, or flipping websites as it is called is quite easy, but the amount of money that one gets basically depends on the type of website and the niche in which the website belongs. Some niches are worth a lot of money while some niches are not worth as much money as you would like to believe.