Understanding the Value of Your Domain

Every commercial website has their own domain to make it easier for visitors to access and search engines to index. Since a domain points to a single IP address, it is important to buy a chosen domain before someone else takes ownership. It is also just as important to maintain the domain and pay any yearly fees so you can still use the domain.

Domains can be obtained from domain registrars and when you access their homepages there should be a place where you can type any domain name and see if it’s registered. If not, the price will be listed for the domain and any other TLDs or top-level domains that are available. If you notice, some domains are priced more than others. You can also sign up on paid web hosting plans to get a free domain of your choosing.

Every domain name has its own value and if you decide to buy a domain and make use of it, you should also keep track of the value of your domain because it could be valuable in the future. You can make a lot of money if you know how much your domain is worth and if you can find an interested buyer. The value of the domain can depend on these factors.

Traffic Rank

Whenever a unique visitor checks out your website, that visit is recorded. Additional visits from different visitors increase your traffic rank thus increasing the popularity of your domain regardless of the content of your site. High traffic rankings can greatly increase the value of the site. If you find a domain that has a good traffic ranking, then people are assured that the domain will be visited often when purchased.

If you are hosted in a paid web hosting provider, you should be able to access useful web statistics regarding traffic and visits. Installing a web script provided by several web statistic services can also help you gather useful information.


Backlinks may also be referred to as incoming links or inbound links. These are basically links that are from other pages that lead back to your page. Scattering your domain name across pages that have lots of daily traffic can increase the number of backlinks thus increasing the overall value of your page. It also broadens the audience allowing people from all sorts of places to visit the domain from these backlink areas. Domains with high number of backlinks can turn out to be very expensive, but could generate profits for the buyer through good advertising.


A PageRank is a numeric value set by Google that determines the importance of a page. The ranking is assigned to the domain rather than the page which is why this value influences the true value of a domain name. The higher the PageRank, the easier it is to find the domain on Google by using related keywords. Domains with high PageRanks cost a lot because of their potential in attracting lots of traffic.

The PageRank is determined by the previously mentioned traffic rank and backlinks. Basically, it can be considered as a summarized rating taking both the number of backlinks and traffic rank into account. The site content can also affect the PageRank as well either causing spikes or fluctuations on the value of the site. A new domain that is bought at a certain value can either increase or decrease depending on what content will be representing the domain.

While you can check all of these factors to get an estimate on how much your site is worth, there are some domain name appraisal services that will accurately determine the cost of your domain by analyzing these facts for you. There are some free services too, but often leave exaggerated results that should never be used when actually selling your domain.

When choosing a paid service make sure their homepage has a good web design so you can see how professional they are and consider the services available when you pay. You can also take the time in getting a report of your web statistics and compare it with other domain appraisal services so you can see which ones are accurate. Always check the value of your domain once in awhile because you could be getting serious profits if your domain achieved some major milestones from your advertising efforts.