Understanding the Value of Your Domain

Every commercial website has their own domain to make it easier for visitors to access and search engines to index. Since a domain points to a single IP address, it is important to buy a chosen domain before someone else takes ownership. It is also just as important to maintain the domain and pay any yearly fees so you can still use the domain. Domains can be obtained from domain registrars and … [Read more...]

Be Cautious Of Appraisal Services

Most domain registrants are understandably curious about the value of their name - and there are shonky appraisal services around ready to take advantage of this curiosity. When web site owners hear about some domain names being worth millions of dollars, it can trigger them to start hunting around for valuation services. The problem often is that valuations - whether free or paid for; are … [Read more...]

Don’t Overpay For Your Domain Name

Your domain name can have a large impact on the success of your web presence. A domain that is easy to remember, enter and search for can increase the amount of traffic to your website. Although you still need to have valuable and relevant content when a visitor makes his or her way to your site, the domain name you purchase is a vital piece of your web strategy. You can think of your domain name … [Read more...]

A 300 Point Guide to Domain Appraisal

If you are in possession of a domain name, it's possible that you're interested in how much it's worth. It's not difficult to find out this worth, and after following this guide, you can appraise your domain name in as little as 10 minutes. If you sell domain names, use this 300 point list as a guide to how much you should sell your domain for. 1. Does the domain already make money? If it does, … [Read more...]

Assess the Real Worth of Your Domain

Selling and purchasing quality domain names are a round the clock activity, what internet industry is rightly doing. A seller, whatever the valuation of his domain name in the market, quotes the higher price bid for the same and in contrary a buyer desires to pay less for the domain he wants to have. It's becoming the foremost issue for both buyer and seller is to fix a deal upon the agreed … [Read more...]