Decide When to Sell Your High-Profile Domain

One of the most difficult parts of selling domains is simply deciding when to do it. In an ideal world, you would want to snatch up a domain immediately prior to a high-growth period, park it to generate revenue, and then sell it before growth slows down. However, the price growth of domains is often very difficult-if not impossible-to predict. For this reason, deciding when to sell often will … [Read more...]

The Art of Buying Websites Low and Selling High

Flipping websites has become a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to get in on the burgeoning internet marketplace. Flipping virtual real estate is essentially the same as flipping physical real estate. There are criteria for the best sites to buy and basic guidelines for what to do to a site before it will sell for its highest value. All of these things can be broken down into … [Read more...]

Sell Domain Names on eBay

‘Domain Name' simply describes an Internet address, a web site address if you like, such as, and millions more besides. There's no doubt about it, domain names are big money, but the heady days of the Dot Com Boom are way behind us now and few people rush to pay millions of pounds for virtually anything ending .com But it's still a hugely profitable business concept and one … [Read more...]

Selling Domain Names For Profit

Buying a domain and reselling it can put lots of profit in your pocket if you do things right. First you need to know what domain names sell the best. Then you have to know that a small domain name is worth a lot more than a long domain name. For example; would be worth more than For the simple reason of, a small domain name is easier to type in to an address … [Read more...]

How to Make Money Selling Domain Names

Buying Domain Names When you buy a domain from a registrar company (like, then you own the rights to that domain for as long as you register it. You can register for eternity if you wish, just as long as you pay the fee every year. Domain names are dirt cheap if you buy them directly from a registrar. They are typically only $12 or less for a 1 year registration period. That is … [Read more...]