Domain Business? Not For Everyone

How much is a domain really worth? A domain name is worth exactly as much as a buyer is willing to pay for it. Although self-called experts state that "An expert evaluation of a domain name's value is critical intelligence for domain buyers and sellers looking to determine a fair market price" domain appraisal is not an exact science. A domain reseller might be successful but only if he … [Read more...]

Assess the Real Worth of Your Domain

Selling and purchasing quality domain names are a round the clock activity, what internet industry is rightly doing. A seller, whatever the valuation of his domain name in the market, quotes the higher price bid for the same and in contrary a buyer desires to pay less for the domain he wants to have. It's becoming the foremost issue for both buyer and seller is to fix a deal upon the agreed … [Read more...]

Sell Domain Names on eBay

‘Domain Name' simply describes an Internet address, a web site address if you like, such as, and millions more besides. There's no doubt about it, domain names are big money, but the heady days of the Dot Com Boom are way behind us now and few people rush to pay millions of pounds for virtually anything ending .com But it's still a hugely profitable business concept and one … [Read more...]