Factors That Affect the Profitability of Website Flipping

Several factors affect the profitability of the website flipping. And if you want to develop your career as a website flipper than you should know all of these factors. In fact, these are the factors that the buyer will analyze before buying a website from you. Understand these factors carefully and build your website keeping in mind these factors. 01) Niche - This is very important. Larger … [Read more...]

Benefits of Hyphenated Domain Names

When you think of the ideal domain name, it usually contains a specific keyword which is easily discoverable by search engines. It also must not have any trademark issues and is easily remembered by site visitors. If ever you register for a particular domain name and it appears to be already taken and no longer available, you need to place a hyphen on it. Placing a hyphen on a name has … [Read more...]

Using Hyphens in Domain Names

Any internet marketer will tell you that getting hold of a domain name is the first step to setting up an online business. In reality, it is no longer as easy to find good domain names that have not been taken yet. It is definitely a whole lot less stressful to find domain names with hyphens. But is that recommended at all? Here's a quick recap of the qualities of a good domain name. A domain … [Read more...]