How To Choose Good Domain Names

The following points should be considered before deciding on to select good domain names for your websites. Website Name It's obvious that your website should be named after your domain name, but it's not the case many times. Some webmasters don't name their website this way even if they own the domain name. It is however, important to name your site after the domain so that people think … [Read more...]

Anonymous Registration

Domain registration is required to maintain a database of website names and their corresponding IP addresses, including the information of the person who owns the website. It also prevents websites having the same name. Websites which are linked to the ICANN?s (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) Domain Name Server (DNS) database, can easily provide information as to who owns … [Read more...]

Basics of Domain Name Flipping

There seems to be no let up at all with domain flipping because it is as popular now as it has ever been. There is not a lot to learn with flipping domains, and that could be one of the reasons so many people want to get involved with it. While there is some information you want to know about before buying a domain, that knowledge is really not hard to find or learn. If you put the following … [Read more...]