Benefits of Hyphenated Domain Names

When you think of the ideal domain name, it usually contains a specific keyword which is easily discoverable by search engines. It also must not have any trademark issues and is easily remembered by site visitors. If ever you register for a particular domain name and it appears to be already taken and no longer available, you need to place a hyphen on it. Placing a hyphen on a name has … [Read more...]

Keyword Rich Domain Names

The benefits of having keyword rich domain names can be the difference of receiving instant traffic to your website and not receiving traffic. It's common knowledge that having the exact match domain name containing all your keywords can give a serious boost to your rankings. The first task of your SEO campaigns should be to find keyword rich domain names. Serious marketers take this approach … [Read more...]

How to Sell Domain Names

There are a number of ways in which you can sell domain names. There are a number of people who suggest buying a lot of domain names and releasing them at the right time to make huge profits. Other experts suggest that you go in for minimum number of days for selling out these domains. Before you opt for buying a username it is important that you do a market survey to know the latest trends. … [Read more...]

Basics of Domain Flipping

Domain names business or "domaining" as it's know these days have become a source of making a full-time income online and can be very profitable if a person knows the basics of flipping them for a handsome profit margin. In this article, you will learn the basics buying and selling domain names for profit otherwise known as domain flipping. There are a few things a person needs to now to be … [Read more...]

SEO for domain names

Choosing your domain name. For some websites, getting an SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) professional to optimize their Wordpress website happens after the website has been developed. However, it is better to get someone on board prior to the development of your website just to get some insights for your web developer on how to prepare your site for better search engine rankings. And that's … [Read more...]