Sell Domain Names on eBay

‘Domain Name' simply describes an Internet address, a web site address if you like, such as, and millions more besides. There's no doubt about it, domain names are big money, but the heady days of the Dot Com Boom are way behind us now and few people rush to pay millions of pounds for virtually anything ending .com But it's still a hugely profitable business concept and one … [Read more...]

Using Hyphens in Domain Names

Any internet marketer will tell you that getting hold of a domain name is the first step to setting up an online business. In reality, it is no longer as easy to find good domain names that have not been taken yet. It is definitely a whole lot less stressful to find domain names with hyphens. But is that recommended at all? Here's a quick recap of the qualities of a good domain name. A domain … [Read more...]