Make Money With Parked Domain Names

Online businesses are of various different types. One such online business opportunity is making money using parked domain names. With this form of online business, you can make a considerable amount of money and may not have to look for another job for your living. Domain parking is a very efficient business that requires very little from you and in turn produces some great results. How Can … [Read more...]

Benefits of Misspelled Domain Names

In terms of search engine keywords, there are those which potentially become gold mines. Unfortunately, they are being ignored. Usually, these are phrases or words which have been misspelled accidentally. Essentially, search engines will connect to results which consists of the correct spelling. However, it will similarly show sites which have misspelled keywords. If one of such sites capture a … [Read more...]

SEO for domain names

Choosing your domain name. For some websites, getting an SEO (Search Engine Optimizations) professional to optimize their Wordpress website happens after the website has been developed. However, it is better to get someone on board prior to the development of your website just to get some insights for your web developer on how to prepare your site for better search engine rankings. And that's … [Read more...]