Domain Business? Not For Everyone

How much is a domain really worth? A domain name is worth exactly as much as a buyer is willing to pay for it. Although self-called experts state that "An expert evaluation of a domain name's value is critical intelligence for domain buyers and sellers looking to determine a fair market price" domain appraisal is not an exact science. A domain reseller might be successful but only if he … [Read more...]

Make Good Money Online From Expired Domains

Expired domain names provide a wonderful opportunity to make good money online. Thousands of webmasters invest effort, time and money in promoting their sites and domains to build up traffic. A number of them then lose interest, move on but still leave their sites active. This means that despite the fact they still own the domain, they're not actively promoting it. The truth however is that the … [Read more...]

Domain Parking Explained

Domain names are being snapped up all the time so if you have thought of a cool name for a future project then it might be wise to register it now. There is a chance that if you leave it too late someone else may register it. While your planning your site you can park the domain name. Domain parking is a process where you register a domain and do not enter the name servers of your hosting … [Read more...]