Laws for Domain Names

Domain names are a big business in the world. People can make millions off the sale of just one popular domain name; however, buyers and sellers should beware. The buying and selling of domain names are a business transaction and should be treated as such particularly with regard to trademark infringements and business structures. Aviva Directory recently published 10 laws regarding domain … [Read more...]

Basics of Domain Flipping

Domain names business or "domaining" as it's know these days have become a source of making a full-time income online and can be very profitable if a person knows the basics of flipping them for a handsome profit margin. In this article, you will learn the basics buying and selling domain names for profit otherwise known as domain flipping. There are a few things a person needs to now to be … [Read more...]

Anonymous Registration

Domain registration is required to maintain a database of website names and their corresponding IP addresses, including the information of the person who owns the website. It also prevents websites having the same name. Websites which are linked to the ICANN?s (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) Domain Name Server (DNS) database, can easily provide information as to who owns … [Read more...]

Push Domain Names

Sometimes e-commerce entrepreneurs may like to change ownership of their domain names to another person. In this case, do they have to wait till it expires in order to shift ownership? Nope, there is one option that has really made this process easy. With domain push option service, you won't get any problems when changing domain ownership. All you have to ensure is that you and the person whom … [Read more...]