The Art of Buying Websites Low and Selling High

Flipping websites has become a great business opportunity for entrepreneurs looking to get in on the burgeoning internet marketplace. Flipping virtual real estate is essentially the same as flipping physical real estate. There are criteria for the best sites to buy and basic guidelines for what to do to a site before it will sell for its highest value. All of these things can be broken down into … [Read more...]

Make Money Online By Website Flipping

If you know how to make great looking websites that perform, you may be capable of making really good money by website flipping. Website flipping is not unlike house flipping in tangible estate. With house flipping, you place money right into a fixer-upper and you then sell the new-and-improved house for a profit. The same works with virtual real estate. Whenever you create a website and you're in … [Read more...]

Web Site Flipping For Profits

Like most people, you've heard of flipping houses. The idea behind it is straight-forward. You start by locating a promising fixer-upper property. Next, you purchase the property and put some work into it. Finally, after renovating, you put it up for sale, aggressively seek buyers, close the deal, and hope to make a profit. If you've ever watched one of the TV shows on flipping, it probably … [Read more...]

Tips On Creating And Selling Websites

Creating and selling websites is the process known as "flipping". It's a term that is thrown around quite a bit on the Internet since virtual real estate has taken the net by storm. Many savvy Internet marketers develop websites within profitable niche markets, make them profitable then flip them for quick profits. The intention was never to keep the website long term which is how the turn "flip" … [Read more...]

Basics of Domain Flipping

Domain names business or "domaining" as it's know these days have become a source of making a full-time income online and can be very profitable if a person knows the basics of flipping them for a handsome profit margin. In this article, you will learn the basics buying and selling domain names for profit otherwise known as domain flipping. There are a few things a person needs to now to be … [Read more...]