Domain Names and Web Hosting

Before you can get started in your venture to make some extra easy cash online you should understand a little bit about how domain-names and web hosting works. I will also talk about free hosting solutions which you can use and are perfectly OK to help you start off without having to pay for domains and hosting. A domain name in simple terms is a name in which you type in to your web browser to … [Read more...]

Transfer Domain Registration

For transfer of domains, you should apply to the gaining registrar, as it is responsible for the operation. It is the duty of the gaining registrar to ensure that the application for transfer by the domain owner is a valid one. The validation usually is in the form of an email sent to the admin contact that requires a reply. In some cases, however, signed faxes are used. Losing registrars these … [Read more...]

Anonymous Registration

Domain registration is required to maintain a database of website names and their corresponding IP addresses, including the information of the person who owns the website. It also prevents websites having the same name. Websites which are linked to the ICANN?s (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) Domain Name Server (DNS) database, can easily provide information as to who owns … [Read more...]