Site Flipping – A Golden Money Making Opportunity

Site flipping means buying and selling web properties. It is the golden money making opportunity online. Here you develop an asset out of scratch or buy the already established but undervalued web property and later on monetize it and make it profitable and sell it for a huge profit to the new buyer. Flipping websites is an art. And not the everyone around this world can master this art. But if … [Read more...]

Factors That Affect the Profitability of Website Flipping

Several factors affect the profitability of the website flipping. And if you want to develop your career as a website flipper than you should know all of these factors. In fact, these are the factors that the buyer will analyze before buying a website from you. Understand these factors carefully and build your website keeping in mind these factors. 01) Niche - This is very important. Larger … [Read more...]